MARCH, 2018


Dear Parents,


It is time to break out the “green” in the Toddler classroom! During the month of March, we will be working with shamrocks as well as allowing the children to decorate the classroom with the seasonal decorations. They are able to move the shamrock decorations about the room to answer their own style of decorating. Then about midway through the month we will get out our spring decorations and works as we make our way into a new season!


February was an exciting month for the toddlers, the children enjoyed our red Valentine’s decorations and works. We spooned hearts, delivered valentines to our classroom mailboxes, and read valentines books. Our felt roses and our sticker hearts were popular activities this month as well.


Their senses were captivated by our search and find. We filled buckets with dry beans then buried safari animals in the beans. The children searched through to find all six animals then would bury them again and start searching again. So much fun! Rock painting was popular as well, using a river stone the students can paint the rock dry it and paint it again and again using water. Observing the changes to the stone is quite intriging to our curious toddlers!


We were blessed with amazing weather the last few days of February, a sweet glipmse into Spring! The children were so excited to get outside to run, dig, jump, scream, and explore! Our lunch kids got out a second time before nap to take in as much as we could before rain and colder weather returns.


We have observed so many of the children talking more and more, and using the same phrases we use to correct one another. For example, “Slides are for going down”, “Watch with your eyes please”, and “Can you move your body please?”. Our children are always taking in not just what they see but also what they hear and rapidly put them together building their vocabulary.

Thank you to everyone who brought snack this month, snack is such a highlight to the kids’ day! Your children mean the world to us, thank you for sharing them with us!



Tina Sucre and Staff


Dates to Remember:

March 1: Tuition Due

March 2: Toddler Program Closed

March 16: Toddler Program Closed

March 29: Final Balance due for TimberNook and MSW Summer Camps

March 30: No School, Spring Break Begins

April 1: Tuition Due

April 2-6: No School, Spring Break


Severe Weather                                                                                                                                            We will announce closings or delays due to severe weather, on WRTV 6 (under the name, Montessori School of Westfield) and on Facebook. In the event of a 2-hour delay, MSW will open and arrival begins at 10:00 am for all classes. There is NO before care with 2-hour delays. If the school should close early due to severe weather, we will contact parents via email and Facebook, to notify you of the closing.