Dear Parents,


We hope everyone had a wonderful fall break! The children returned from their break eager to return to their work and classroom routine. We were so happy to see their sweet faces!


October is always such a fun month, not only do we change our classroom with fall colors and decorations, we also get to use work with a Halloween theme. The children spooned pumpkins, sorted Halloween themed items, decorated felt pumpkins, and swept spiders. We also got to work with play dough. The children loved the way it squished in their fingers and smashing it into their trays! We used Halloween themed cookie cutters to cut fun shapes into our play dough.


We have been watching out the window and enjoying the leaves change into warm fall colors.   We have been discussing the colder weather, watching the leaves float to the ground in the cold breeze is so interesting and exciting. We are hoping for some warm days in November to get out and play in the leaves now that they are finally falling.


The cooler weather has also brought out another observation from the children, cold hands!!! Time to break out the mittens, we have classroom mittens and hats available for the children to use each day. If you would prefer your child use their own pair of gloves or hat, please let us know and mark them for us.


Last week the children had a lesson on pumpkins. We cleaned out the inside and put it all in two large bowls so the children could stir it around. They were given the opportunity to put their hands in the gooey seeds and pulp. After cleaning out the pumpkin, the children took turns pounding golf tees into the flesh of the pumpkin. When each child had a turn, we put a light in the pumpkin and turned out the classroom lights. We had a beautiful twinkling pumpkin; the children were so amazed at what they had created! J


Many parents have mentioned they are seeing more and more success and interest in the potty. We encourage each child to sit on the potty with each diaper change, but do not require it. They are rewarded with a sticker each time they successfully use the potty at school. Watch for your child to come home with a sticker on their shirt, they are so proud to show their friends when they earn one. If your child comes home with one this means that your child did actually go, and did not just try. Please keep us updated so we can stay consistent with their success at home and school.


We’ve had so much fun wearing our dress up clothes this month, not only do the children look adorable in the outfits they choose, but is also serves as an excellent way to practice independence in dressing themselves for the day. We will continue to switch items out for them to try; the skirts and scarfs have been especially popular!

Thank you to everyone who brought snack this month. It really helps us out so much, we are very thankful for everything you provide for us!

Thank you for sharing your children with us. They amaze us, and they make us laugh and smile every day!



The Amanda Strong Food for the Needy, Inc. program is a not for profit effort.  This program was created in 1980 by a wonderful woman, Amanda Strong, a native of Westfield.  She started this program in her home turning her garage into a food, toy, and clothing pantry.

Amanda had a big heart and could not bear the thought of a family going hungry, or that a child would be in need of clothing and not receive presents at Christmas time.  It was her beautiful, giving heart that inspired the logo used today. Sharon Hodson began assisting Amanda Strong since 1981.

We are taking part in a charity drive for Amanda Strong this month. We will be collecting toys for the needy in our immediate area. We are looking for toys or games for all ages. Thank you in advance!



Tina Sucre and Staff


Dates to Remember:

November 1: Tuition Due

November 3: Toddler Program Closed

November 7: Picture Retakes @ 9am

November 17: Toddler Program Closed

November 22-24: No school, Thanksgiving break

November 29: Amanda Strong Donations Due (See Above)

December 1: Equal Exchange Orders Due (Check your child’s back pack)