Elementary 1 December Newsletter


Dates to Remember

December 1: Tuition Due

December 9: Amanda Strong Donations Due

December 16: MS & EL Winter Program, 10AM

December 16: NOON Dismissal, NO After Care

December 19-January 1: Winter Break, NO School

January 1: Tuition Due

January 2: No School, Teacher In-Service Day

January 3: School Resumes



Volunteer Opportunities

We need a volunteer to organize and label the literature circle book sets in the basement. Please email ambruner5@gmail.com if you are interested!


The snack sign up calendar for the spring semester is now available. Remember, all donations go toward your volunteer hours requirement. Click on the link to sign up: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090F4EA8AA2CA6FC1-januarymay




Amanda Strong Donations are due December 9th. EL1 is collecting peanut butter and jelly. We are about halfway to our goal of 25 jars!



November News

It feels as if November has just begun, and we are already in December! Our unusually warm fall weather meant we were able to spend many long afternoons outside, and the children have created an entire civilization in the woods. It includes numerous shelters, a wooden limb barricade, and an economy that utilizes leaves, rocks, and acorns. Observing them in nature is one of the real perks of working at MSW!

As cosmic lessons continue in history, geography, and biology, individual interests and strengths are beginning to show. Many learners have begun research reports and projects on topics of special interest to them. The introduction of the Fundamental Needs of Humans has led to the study of ancient civilizations, early man, spiritual needs, defense, and shelters. Our trip to the Indiana State Museum inspired research on mammoths, fossils, and Native Americans. The amazing super moon that occurred in November led to numerous projects on moon phases, and several students are working on large projects involving atoms, elements, and the Periodic Table. Of course, research and projects involving animals are always popular.

In music the children have been diligently practicing their songs for the Winter Musical and are excited to share them with you on December 16th!

It is almost time for the Reading Fair again. As with the Science Fair, the guidelines will be e-mailed to you early on during the winter break to give your child a chance to look them through and plan accordingly. As always, if there are any questions, please encourage your child to contact us. The students have been working hard on book reports and literature all year. Hopefully this will give them an opportunity to showcase what they have learned so far along with the amazing creativity that they are capable of.







Thanksgiving Feast


Our Thanksgiving Feast was a lovely meal, full of good food, laughter, and joy. The children enjoyed creating menus, place cards, a Tree of Thanksgiving, applesauce, and a salad. Thank you to all of the parents who kindly donated in order to make our feast a special occasion



Parent – Montessori Connection

The Three Essential Tools – Meetings with the Child, The Journal, Societal Expectations

Over the next three newsletters, the Parent Connection will focus on the three essential tools which the guide and child utilize in the elementary classroom. Each of these tools is being slowly introduced into the community as we reach normalization and individual children show readiness. This month our focus is upon The Journal. The journal is a record of how the child’s day is spent. In the beginning, this is a simple list of the activities selected. As the child shows readiness, they will begin recording the time an activity is selected and the time it is returned to the shelf, and finally, the elapsed time. Eventually, we hope to see reflections about the activity, the difficulty level, work partners, and other related thoughts. The journal is integral when holding student meetings, guiding the conversation to discuss whether student choice shows balance in all subject areas, the need for new lessons or review, and planning future goals. All children have now begun using a journal to record their day, and many are beginning to track time spent. I look forward to seeing each of them continue to grow in their use of this valuable tool!



EL1 Guides

Amber, Genny, and Kori


“The essential thing is to arouse such an interest that it engages the child’s whole personality.” ~Maria Montessori