MSW Elementary 1 September Newsletter


Dates to Remember

September 1: Tuition Due

September 3: Labor Day, No School

September 4: Curriculum Night (Parents Only), 7:00pm

September 18: Picture Day

September 21: Peace Celebration, 10:30 am



September Snack Calendar

September 4: Cooper

September 10: J.C./Natasha

September 17: AVAILABLE

September 24: Yusuf

October 1: Tyler


August & September Birthdays

August 22: Piper

August 28: Grayson

September 10: Malachi

September 20: Sean





August News

We have a wonderful community of excited, engaged learners this year. They were eager to begin work time and built up to a two-hour work cycle after only a week. It is remarkable and a sign of children who truly love to learn! Past lessons are being reviewed and new lessons given by adults and peers.

We have been spending time every day talking and brainstorming to create guidelines for our classroom community, revolving around Being Kind, Being Safe, and Being a Learner.

On August 31st, we celebrated Maria Montessori’s birthday by reading about her life, creating a timeline of her life, writing a question we would ask her if she was here today, and having a special snack.

We have also had our first two Great Lessons, opening work with physical sciences and biology. The photo above shows the class watching our experiments for the 1st Great Lesson very closely!


Community Service

Every month our classroom performs community service, usually inside MSW or caring for our grounds. In September, we will spend part of each Forest Friday clearing our woods of trash and weeds. We also help to care for our community garden, compost our lunch scraps, and recycle plastic and paper waste.


Volunteer Opportunities


Rug Washing -We are in need of volunteers to take home and wash our classroom rugs once a month. This is a simple way to volunteer from home. We will gather the rugs and deliver them to you in car line.

Librarian – We need a classroom parent to visit and be our librarian! We are looking for a parent who would be able to come in and spend approximately 1-2 hours every other week taking small groups to our school library and checking out books. We would be glad to train you!

Other – We would love to learn about special skill, interests, or information that you would like to share with our class. This includes cultural celebrations, travel to other countries, special skills such as woodworking, or hobbies such as birdwatching or gardening.


Forest Friday

Every Friday afternoon will be spent in the woods except for extreme inclement weather. Forest Friday has officially begun and the kids are thrilled! When the weather is warm enough, we turn on the hose and create a temporary creek for muddy water play. Please make sure that your child has at least one complete change of clothes and a towel on Fridays! Children who do not have a change of clothes will not be able to participate in water/mud play.


Balanced and Barefoot

Every year, a book is chosen for the MSW staff that includes a message we discuss amongst each other and implement in our classrooms and throughout the school. This year we are reading Balanced and Barefoot, by Angela Hanscom, the creator of TimberNook. Her book explains how outdoor play and unstructured freedom of movement are vital for children’s cognitive development and growth. We highly recommend that you read it as well! It is available in paperback, kindle, and audiobook format at



Upcoming TimberNook Programs


October 27, 9 am-11am Tiny Ones Pumpkin Lab

Ages 18 mos-5 years+parent, $10/child

Information and Registration:


October 27, 4pm-7pm (ages 5-12) Parents Night Out Freeze Tag and Forts 

Ages 5-12 years,  $35/child

Information and Registration:


TimberNook at the Montessori School of Westfield:

TimberNook MSW contact information: (317) 867-0158



Parent – Montessori Connection – Lunch

Does your child plan their own lunch menu, pack for themselves, and eat what was in their lunchbox? If your answer is no, we have a plan for you! One of the central messages of Montessori and independence is to “Help me to do it myself”. By providing them the tools necessary for success, your child can oversee their own healthy lunch. First, provide a list of foods, separated into categories such as protein, vegetable, fruit, and other. Second, have your child pick the item(s) from each list which they would like purchased at the grocery store. Next, join your child at the kitchen table to bag and sort the items into daily portions. Find a container or drawer in the refrigerator to place their items. Each night, your child chooses one item from each category and places them in their lunch box. In the beginning, you will double-check to make sure everything is packed properly, but before you know it, your child will be completely in charge of their own lunch! Scroll down to the last page for a sample packing chart.

Lunch Packing and Shopping List
Protein Vegetable Fruit Other
turkey carrots blueberries granola
ham celery raspberries trail mix
pepperoni cucumber cherries pretzels
chicken broccoli strawberries crackers
salami cauliflower pomegranate veggie chips
Leftovers from dinner bell pepper apple tortilla chips
Seeds grape tomatoes pear bread
Sunbutter or nutbutter snap peas banana flour tortilla
Hard boiled eggs kale chips cantaloupe corn tortilla
Egg salad salad watermelon rice
avocado spinach clementine  
nuts zucchini orange slices  
seeds peas mango  
avocado cabbage peaches  
hummus olives pineapple Dips:

ranch/other dressing






yogurt pickles grapes
cheese stick or cubes   raisins
tofu   dates
beans   other dried fruit


Reminder – We will provide water for lunch. Each classroom has filtered water for the children to drink. DO NOT send food items with high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, sugar or food coloring (i.e. cookies, gummy fruits, puddings, colored fruit juice), or Lunchables as we will ask your child to save these items to eat at home. This includes items such as pudding, cookies, and treats which use sugar substitutes.


EL1 Guides

Amber, Genny, and Kori