MSW Elementary 1 January Newsletter




Dates to Remember

January 2: Tuition Due

January 7: School Resumes

January 7: Spring Pizza Order Due (Final Day)

January 11: Behind the Screen: How Does Social Media Affect Your Child?

6:30pm (Adults Only)

January 21: MLK Day, NO SCHOOL



December News

During the month of December, we were lucky enough to continue to play outdoors nearly every day. Warmer than normal temperatures often resulted in extremely muddy play with lots of slipping, sliding, and falling. We apologize the extra laundry, but the kids definitely enjoyed themselves!

Students kept busy despite the distractions of the season and the approaching break. Highlights including creating tile coasters with sharpies and rubbing alcohol, practicing for our Winter Program, watching a winter movie together while eating candy canes, and sharing our special plans for the two week break from school.


A few new lessons were presented, although less than normal. Instead, we spent the December months checking for mastery of current work, creating beautiful items for portfolios, and completing large projects. January will see an abundance of new lessons as children return to school ready to focus and begin the new year!



Forest Friday

Every Friday afternoon will be spent in the woods except for extreme inclement weather. Please make sure that your child has at least one complete change of clothes every day, especially on Forest Friday! As our weather begins to become chilly, you may want to ensure your child has a sweatshirt or jacket, along with clothing appropriate for rain.

In addition, we go outside daily for recess.

Please send a winter coat with your child daily.

On snowy days, your child will need a winter coat, gloves, snow pants, boots, and hat.


Winter Program

It was wonderful to see so many of you at our Winter Program. We could see the joy and pride in the children’s eyes as they spotted you in the crowd. They always love choosing the songs they will sing and sharing them with you. Our songs with EL2 were a big hit this year, and it was not at all uncommon to have a group burst out in song during work time or transitions.






On Friday, January 11, 2019, at 6:30 pm we will be having a presentation entitled #BehindtheScreen.  Please join us for snacks and drinks and find out what is happening to your child’s brain while they are spending so much time on screens. This is a parent only event. Please RSVP by Thursday, January 10.




Volunteer Opportunities

Classroom Snack – Thank you to those who shared enough snack for a day or more during our shortage in December. Please sign up for the spring semester if you have not donated yet!

Remember, this counts toward your required volunteer hours!

Rug Washing -We need volunteers to take home and wash our classroom rugs once a month. This is a simple way to volunteer from home. We will gather the rugs and deliver them to you in car line.

Librarian – Many thanks to Laura Cherne, who has volunteered to be our classroom librarian!

Other – We would love to learn about special skill, interests, or information that you would like to share with our class. This includes cultural celebrations, travel to other countries, special skills such as woodworking, or hobbies such as birdwatching or gardening.






EL1 Guides

Amber, Genny, and Kori