Elementary 1 Newsletter

April 2019



Dates to Remember

March 29 – Spring Break, NO School

April 1 – Tuition due

April 1-5 – Spring Break, NO School

April 8 – School resumes

April 11 – Elementary 1 Field Trip to the Benjamin Harrison Home

April 23- Taste of the World, 9- Noon

May 4 – PTO Auction

May 10 – Spring Program

May 28 – Kindergarten Graduation, 6:30 pm

May 29 – Elementary 1 & 2 Graduation, 6:30 pm

May 30 – MS Graduation, 6:30 pm


In the Classroom

It will be a busy time this month in the classroom. On April 11th, the class will visit the Benjamin Harrison home for a program about Native Americans. To prepare for the visit, the children have been learning about Native American tribes and their customs and will soon learn about President Benjamin Harrison.

In addition, the children will be preparing for Taste of the World on April 23rd. They will be learning about the geography, the history, and the people and culture of Australia. They will explore the nature of Australia by learing about the Great Barrier Reef and the animals of Australia.

Our science studies this month will focus on the life cycle of butterflies with the students having the opportunity to observe the metamorphosis of a butterfly.

The students will also learn about photosynthesis through reading passages and materials in the classroom. They will get the chance to plant some seeds and observe a plant’s growth.

Math lessons this month will include lessons on measurement and graphs such as pictorial graphs and bar graphs. They will continue to work on word problems, math operations and telling time.

Journal writing and narrative writing lessons will be a part of the writing curriculum.

Students will continue to work on dictionary skills and parts of speech.


Looking Back

Thank you for helping your child complete their book report and prepare for the wax museum. It was a great learning experience for the students.


Looking Forward

Mrs. Bruner and baby Greta will be returning to EL1 from maternity leave on April 8th! She will be working mornings 7:30-11:30 for the remainder of this year and returning full-time next fall. You are welcome to contact her through the classroom email or call/text 317-778-7221.




Mrs. Lohrstorfer, Mrs. Bruner, Mrs. McGarty, and Mr. Rhum