Montessori School of Westfield

Elementary 2 Newsletter

November 2017


This is an exciting time in our classroom because there are many different things we are presenting and mastering all at once. The children have certainly settled into their routines, and we have a pretty clear understanding of their work habits, strengths, and challenges. We use November to slow down and appreciate all we have been given and those who have given them to us, and as Thanksgiving approaches, this will culminate in poetry, simple writing assignments, and charitable works for the school community, which reinforce these concepts.



November 1: Tuition Due

November 1:  Field trip to Shades State Park

November 7: Picture Retakes

November 20: Field Trip to see “Wonder”

November 21: Thanksgiving Feast

November 22-24: No school, Thanksgiving break

November 29: Amanda Strong Donations Due (See Below)

December 1: Equal Exchange Orders Due (Check your child’s backpack)




Conferences just began this past week, and we are fully committed to meeting with all parents who sign-up. We know that scheduling is difficult, and we are certainly in the similar positions as you with the nine children we teachers have between us. Please find a time to meet with us, even if we need to make exceptions to the schedule. Thank you so much!


We are currently planning a field trip to the movie theater to see “Wonder,” a movie based on a novel many of the students have read. Mrs. Lyman wants us to make this viewing a priority, as it coincides with our views on acceptance, peace, and bullying. We shall be in need of drivers, and parents should prepare to pick up students at the theater because it will end after school ends. We would like to see this movie as a whole class, so we are respectfully requesting that parents do not attend. This is, however, not a mandate, as that would be unconstitutional. More information and a permission slip have already been sent via email.



Our annual Thanksgiving feast is quickly approaching, and as always, we are in dire need of parental cooperation to make this imposing task the success it has been in past years. You will be contacted in the next week via email (sign-up genius) to coordinate dishes and supporting products. We regret that for this year’s feast, parents will not be invited. This is nothing personal, but instead, it is solely due to the lack of space we have for the thirty-five students. This will, however, reduce the amount of food and supplies we shall need for the feast. We appreciate your understanding.

The Amanda Strong Food for the Needy, Inc. program is a not for profit effort.  This program was created in 1980 by a wonderful woman, Amanda Strong, a native of Westfield.  She started this program in her home turning her garage into a food, toy, and clothing pantry.
Amanda had a big heart and could not bear the thought of a family going hungry, or that a child would be in need of clothing and not receive presents at Christmas time.  It was her beautiful, giving heart that inspired the logo used today. Sharon Hodson began assisting Amanda Strong since 1981.

We are taking part in a charity drive for Amanda Strong this month. We are charged with collecting toiletries for the needy in our immediate area. This includes soaps, shampoos, lotions, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shaving cream, and all those products that help us look and smell clean.


That’s about it! We wish you and your family a very happy holiday!


Peace to all of you,


Garry, Julia, and Amy