Montessori School of Westfield

Elementary 2 Newsletter

January 2019


On behalf of the entire Montessori School of Westfield staff, we would like to wish you and your entire family a “Happy New Year.” Though this is a symbolic holiday more than a real one, we feel this is a great opportunity to begin anew and set goals that are both inspirational and attainable for the coming twelve months. 2019 is going to be an important year for all of us, but for some, this will be a year highlighting the culmination of all the hard work and efforts that have gone into school for a long time.



January 2: Tuition Due

January 7: School Resumes

January 7: Spring Pizza Order Due (Final Day)

January 11: Behind the Screen: How Does Social Media Affect Your Child?

6:30pm (Adults Only)

January 21: M.L. King Day, NO School




On Friday, January 11, 2019, at 6:30 pm we will be having a presentation entitled #BehindtheScreen.  Please join us for snacks and drinks and find out what is happening to your child’s brain while they are spending so much time on screens. This is a parent only event. Please RSVP by Thursday, January 10.






All of us would like to thank each of you for your thoughts and gifts over the holiday season. We are extremely grateful for your appreciation and reciprocate the feelings back to you.


Thanks to all of you for participating in the Equal Exchange fundraiser. It was extremely successful, and if any of you are interested in making a repeat order to replenish your chocolate, tea, or coffee supply, we plan on making another SMALL order in early March.


Also thank you for your support in the Winter Program. We believe the children did an extraordinary job in singing and playing their instruments. We felt a real sense of accomplishment after the show, and we are truly grateful for your participation in turning out to see us in action. Now onto the preparations for the spring musical!!!!



Winter brings extreme conditions at times, but we are committed to continue going outside each day. Even when the temperature is below freezing, we believe that the students are capable of making the proper decisions to remain warm even when the weather doesn’t cooperate. If the weather drops below 20 degrees, our time outside will decrease, but rest assured, we feel that this outdoor time is invaluable and will strive to give it to the students everyday. Parents have the final say in the wearing of gloves, scarves, and hats, but please make this clear to your children, as they must take the responsibility of complying with your wishes.


There are many curriculum developments that will continue upon our return. History and science will take over a good portion of the second semester, with continued focus on math, grammar, and vocabulary. There are multiple long term assignments these winter months, and there are preparations already in motion for the spring and even next year. We shall continue to keep you in the loop with our weekly notes and are happy to answer any questions you may have as soon as time permits.




Garry, Julia, and Amy