Montessori School of Westfield

Elementary 2 Newsletter

March 2018


As we enter the final third of the school year, we are given a chance to make a push toward the goals we have set for ourselves both in and out of the classroom. As we have discussed at length in our conferences, there are three main aspects of child development which we nurture consistently in our environment. One of the most obvious areas is that surrounding the academic growth of the children. If you have been reading the weekly notes, you will see repetition in the language arts and math, but the cultural subjects are continuing to develop in all levels of the classroom.


The other area that is easy to observe is that of physical growth. The students grow like bamboo, and we are observing their maturation with our other senses as well (especially with our noses after recess and P.E.)!


The hardest aspect of our jobs as teachers and parents would be that of helping the children grow socially and emotionally. The planes of development are difficult roads on which we all travel, and children are in constant need of guidance because if we all reflect on our own lives, those years between nine and twelve are filled with confusion and self-doubt. If we had trouble during these years, then we should be understanding and patient with our youth as well, so they can succeed in an ever-changing world loaded with pitfalls and other obstacles. Sometimes, as adults it is tempting to jump in and save our children when there is an apparent failure. We can help both our children and ourselves grow by allowing them to work through the difficulty without enabling them. They will thank you for it as adults.



March 1: Tuition Due

March 29: Final Balance due for TimberNook and MSW Summer Camps

March 30: No School, Spring Break Begins

April 1: Tuition Due

April 2-6: No School, Spring Break

April 13: Spring Program



The preparations for the play take “center stage” in the afternoons in March. We have a lot to accomplish, including the memorization of lines, blocking out actions, and collecting props and costumes. Mrs. Lewis will be sending home some information concerning those props and costumes, and the children will be charged with the full memorization of their lines by Monday, March 12. Please help your children in this venture by practicing at home and mandating some “study time” in the evenings instead of screens. We feel this will be one of our best plays ever, and with everyone’s cooperation, it will be memorable. Thanks in advance!!!


If you have not turned in your reenrollment form, and you are still interested in your child attending MSW next year, please do so immediately. We must have an accurate count for staffing purposes, especially in the EL2 classroom. If you are not sending your child back to MSW, we shall not hold a grudge, but we would like to know your decision officially. We can adjust the curriculum somewhat to aid in the transition, which is especially important for transfers amidst the three-year cycle. Thanks for your help in this.


Standardized tests are scheduled to be administered in April, more specifically the Wednesday-Friday after we return from Spring Break, but we have already begun preparing for them in the classroom. The students have been introduced to a few concepts, but the majority of the work is being done so the students can recognize the style of questions and the different ways they try and trip them up. So far, we have had good success, and hopefully this will translate into high test scores.


We have a nice month with little or no distractions due to days off, so we shall continue to press on until the jobs are done. As always, if you need anything of us, please do not hesitate to call on us at any time.


Summer Camp at MSW


We are finalizing our registration for a summer full of camps for all of our wonderful students at MSW, ages 18 months to 12 years.  The spots are filling up quickly!  Registration forms are in the office or we can email them to you.   Please contact Amber Bruner ( and Sarah Kalen ( if you have any questions.   MSW families have a huge discounted rate if signing up for the whole summer.


The first two sessions are Montessori camps led by Amber Bruner, EL1 Guide.  They will begin outdoors, followed by a morning work cycle following the interests of the child.  Afternoons will be spent exploring the woods, playing in water, walking to local parks, or visiting the library.  Plan to explore interactive work with botany, zoology, science, experiments, cooking, woodworking, handwork, and art!

The third session is TimberNook, an award winning nature-based program that has gained international popularity.   We will spend our camp time in the 3 acres of woods behind the school.  Our programming provides ample time for children to explore their surroundings, create, build, design, take risks, and dive into their imaginations – all while fostering a love for the great outdoors. Our programs are creative in design and in strong demand. Check out our Facebook page: and for more information.  These weeks are led by Sarah Kalen, CH1 Guide.


Peace to your family,

Garry, Julia, & Amy