Children’s House 2

April 2019 Newsletter


We are eagerly looking for touches of green outside and the children are so excited to be spending more time playing in the fresh air. As Spring blooms we will also be celebrating Earth Day and learning how every one of us can do our part to take care of the world around us. We will be learning how to conserve water and energy, how to take care of the plants and animals and how we can all reduce, reuse and recycle. Please join your children in finding ways to make positive changes in our lives and for our Earth!


Dates to Remember

March 29: Spring Break, NO School

April 1: Tuition Due

April 1-5: Spring Break, NO School

April 8: School Resumes

April 23: Taste of the World, 9-Noon

May 4: PTO Auction

May 10: Spring Program

May 28: Kindergarten Graduation, 6:30pm

May 29: Elementary 1 & 2 Graduation, 6:30pm

May 30: MS Graduation, 6:30pm



Please Help Us

*By making sure that your child has a jacket and a couple of layers for comfort when playing outside during changing temperatures. Also remember that we try to enjoy Tuesdays in the Trees each day that the weather allows it. Good outdoor shoes are a must all year long, but on those days, especially.

*By reminding your child to bring their backpack each day and to carry their folder or library book into the classroom when returning it.

*By always driving 20 mph. on Sycamore St. and 5 mph. in our drive, as the children’s safety and neighborhood goodwill both depend on it. Also, during school events, please avoid parking in front of neighbor’s mailboxes or on their lawns (goodwill, again.) Thank you.

*By making sure your child’s backpack is stocked, each day, with a clean, seasonally appropriate change of clothes for those “just in case” times.


Taste of the World

(April 23, from 9:30-12:00) For around 20 years we have been celebrating the cultures and foods of the World with this event. Each classroom in our school chooses a continent and prepares research, art, decorations and food to represent native cultures. We will be sending a sign-up for parent volunteers to assist with food preparation (at home) and with serving during the event. All parents are welcome to attend to travel with their child, just let us know if we can expect you during the first rotation 9-10:30 or the second, 10:30-12:00. We also ask that siblings not be brought along for this busy and transition-filled event. We look forward to sharing the world with your children! As we are presenting Africa, if any of you have special artifacts that you could lend for eyes-only display, please let us know!


Volunteer Hours

Please help us by checking the Volunteer Binder (our section is green) to make sure that your hours are up to date. If you still have hours to fulfill, time is running out! Check to help with readers, check the calendars in the entryway to assist with arrivals or dismissals, or ask how you may help. Also, please remember to sign our volunteer book each time you help or send snack, so your time will be recorded.



Grace and Courtesy/Life Skills                                                                                        

Children have a love of helping because they want to be a part of what we are doing and they strive for a sense of pride of accomplishment. Allow them to help by setting the table and wiping-up after the meal; emptying/folding/putting away laundry; dusting/polishing, and more. They can do so many things that instill pride as long as we aren’t looking for perfection. Any help is good help, give them the chance!




“It is not enough for the teacher to love the child. She must first love and understand the universe. She must prepare herself, and truly work at it.”     Dr. Maria Montessori



Montessori Is For Life!


Kelly Bowe, Amy Barnes and Julia Shlater