Children’s House 2

March 2018 Newsletter


Spring is officially arriving, and although we have missed the super-snowy weather of a typical winter, but are still looking forward to some warmer weather. Help your children to explore the new growth and new life that is emerging around them.


Dates to Remember:

March 1: Tuition Due

March 29: Final Balance due for TimberNook and MSW Summer Camps

March 30: No School, Spring Break Begins

April 1: Tuition Due

April 2-6: No School, Spring Break

April 13: Spring Program


Please Help Us:

  • By remembering to send a hat and gloves (and boots/snow pants if necessary OR tank tops and shorts!!;)) with your child each day. The boots will come in especially handy with the coming springtime weather.
  • By having your child carry their folder into the classroom on Wednesdays (after you have emptied it at home.) Returning it every week allows them to share all they have been working on at school.
  • By having your child put their returned Library book into our Library Basket on the shelf directly outside of our classroom door

*By volunteering for Arrivals/Dismissals (see the sign-up in the entry); by

volunteering to listen to readers; and by taking home pencils to sharpen. Go to for opportunities and let us know if/when you’d like to take

home some pencils, or if you could make some copies! Also, make sure that

you mark down time that you have helped, and snack ($20=1 hour) that you

have purchased, or you will not receive credit for time fulfilled. Thank you!

*By reading any information that comes from or We work hard not to send too much, but often include important info that affects your child’s day-to-day school life. Thanks for taking the time to help us help them (and you)!


Life Skills/Grace and Courtesy

This month we are working (as always ☺) on listening. Please help your children to be better listeners by trying to integrate the following into your busy lives: get down to their eye level when you speak to them and ask them to repeat it back; get their attention from any distractions (TV, toys, games…) before you start speaking to them; make sure that you watch or check to see that they have followed-through on what you asked of them. When they do the right thing, you may reinforce them by saying something like the following: “Thank you for doing as I ask. You should be proud of yourself for being such a good listener/helper!”


Spring Program

Our Spring Program is Friday, April 13.  The Children’s House students will sing songs that they will practice at school, then the Elementary will perform a musical play and Middle School students will perform some Shakespeare.  We are asking that Children’s House students wear an MSW t-shirt or bright solid color shirt, jeans, and rubber boots (if they have them.)  Our songs have a water theme, thus the rain gear.  Rain hats and raincoats are optional.  More information about the songs, time, and location will come soon.

We hope that you will invite family and friends to see the hard work the preschool-Middle School MSW students have put in.



Elijah Hehner will turn 4 on March 22.

Happy Birthday to Elijah!


Birthdays are a special time here at MSW. On the day we’ve arranged (please contact us to set up) to celebrate, we will create (in class) a timeline with your child, from birth to present. All we need from you are photographs, sent from home, of years 0-their new age (4 X 6 or smaller are an ideal size). For example, if they are 5, you will send 6 pictures, one each, for years 0-5.

Special birthday snacks are not necessary, but if you choose to send something, please make sure that it is free of refined sugars, artificial ingredients or colors, gluten and dairy. Please, send us an email first, so that we may help you choose something that we may serve to all of the students. We do have nut, dairy and gluten allergies to work around this year, so keep that in mind. No food or favors are required, though!


Summer Camp at MSW


We are finalizing our registration for a summer full of camps for all of our wonderful students at MSW, ages 18 months to 12 years.  The spots are filling up quickly!  Registration forms are in the office or we can email them to you.   Please contact Amber Bruner ( and Sarah Kalen ( if you have any questions.   MSW families have a huge discounted rate if signing up for the whole summer.


The first two sessions are Montessori camps led by Amber Bruner, EL1 Guide.  They will begin outdoors, followed by a morning work cycle following the interests of the child.  Afternoons will be spent exploring the woods, playing in water, walking to local parks, or visiting the library.  Plan to explore interactive work with botany, zoology, science, experiments, cooking, woodworking, handwork, and art!

The third session is TimberNook, an award-winning nature-based program that has gained international popularity.   We will spend our camp time in the 3 acres of woods behind the school.  Our programming provides ample time for children to explore their surroundings, create, build, design, take risks, and dive into their imaginations – all while fostering a love for the great outdoors. Our programs are creative in design and in strong demand. Check out our Facebook page: and for more information.  These weeks are led by Sarah Kalen, CH1 Guide.



“The task of the educator lies in seeing that the child does not confound good with immobility and evil with activity.”                        Dr. Maria Montessori


Montessori is For Life!


Kelly Bowe, Shelly Dupuis and Amy Barnes