Children’s House 2
January 2016 Newsletter


A new year is upon us, full of opportunities to make a difference in the lives of the children and ourselves.  Let’s all take this chance to speak to them (and each other) with more patience, kindness and interest, and to encourage them (by example) to do the same.  The rewards for all of us will be immeasurable!

Dates to Remember

January 1: Tuition Due

January 2: No School, Teacher In-Service Day

January 3:  School Resumes

January 13: MSW Silent Journey through the classrooms – 6:30 PM

January 16:  No school, Dr. Martin Luther King Day Observance


Silent Journey

The Silent Journey is slated for January 13, starting at 6:30 PM. This is a parent-only event, and it is one of the best ways that parents can be presented the benefits of the curriculum and philosophy of a Montessori environment. Although most of you have proven your commitments to Montessori, there is still much to take away from coming to the Silent Journey. Not only is there a chance to see the sequence and cyclical nature of Dr. Montessori’s “Planes” child development, there is plenty of time to chat and have a fun time away from the children.   RSVP as soon as you can to or 317-867-0158.


Reading Fair

The Reading Fair will be held the week of February 21st. The Reading Fair is similar to the Science Fair, but with a focus upon literature instead of science. Each child will need to choose a book to read and create a tri-fold display. Book selections should be made and shared with the teacher by January 9th. We will be reviewing all concepts necessary for the Reading Fair in class, and children are welcome to work on their books at home, school, or both.
Please Help Us
*Please make sure your children have heavy coats, boots,hats and gloves  every day, as we may go out if the weather is clear and above 30 degrees (including windchill.)  On cold days we will stay out for only 15-20 minutes.  You may send boots in a plastic bag, if they are needed.
*Please send in any holiday greeting cards you are going to discard so we may make new cards next Christmas.  If you can, please cut the back half off, leaving only the front cover.
*Please have your child help by carrying their own folders and library books into the classroom on the appropriate days.   Also, please allow them to dress in clothing and shoes that they can get into and fasten themselves.   Give them time and instruction to practice these skills at home.   These skills build confidence and independence!

*Please mark your calendars for Library days, and help your child plan ahead for each Show & Tell by talking with them the night before.  By doing this, they will not feel left out and they will be able to find something educational and not be tempted to just grab a toy on the way out of the door/car.

Our new student, Elizabeth Watson turns 3 on January 19.  Another new student, Jasper Russell turned 3 on December 14.

Happy Birthday Jasper and Elizabeth!


We will also be welcoming Zachary Levinberg (also 3) to our class starting in January. We can’t wait for these new children to become a part of CH2!



Thank You
We would also thank all of the families who contributed to the charity drive.  Your generosity helped make the holidays more bearable for families in need!

Also, we can always use more help with the door, listening to readers and Library volunteer opportunities, especi.  Please check our Sign-up Genius account online if you can fulfill your 10 volunteer hours in this way.  Remember, if you do not record your hours in the binder in the entryway, we have no record of the hours that you have fulfilled.  Thank you!
We will also be tabulating mid –year totals for your volunteer hours.  Please make sure you have recorded all time & $ donated so that we may give you credit.  As always, our binder is on the table in the front Canopy and our pages are the green ones.  Just find your family name and jot down your time! ☺


Updating Contact Info
Only if your information has changed since the start of school:

In an effort to have your most up-to-date contact info close at hand, we are asking that you send an email to our class account with the following information included:  Home phone; both Mother’s and Father’s cell and/or work numbers; Emergency contact (besides parents’); and updated address information (if it has changed since filling out your original enrollment form.)  Please put as asterisk beside the number at which you would like us to contact you first.
Thank you for doing this.  It just takes a moment, but assures that we will be able to get a hold of you quickly if a situation arises.  We will be forwarding this to Mrs. Sumski for the school database, also.

Quote of the Month
“…{E}ducation is a natural process carried out by the human individual and is acquired not by listening to words but by experiencing the environment.”
— Dr. Maria Montessori

Montessori is for Life!

Kelly Bowe & Shelly Dupuis