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November 2017 Newsletter


What a beautiful month it was at MSW during the month of October. As the weather cooled (somewhat), and the days shortened, we observed the leaves changing colors and falling off their trees.   We observed apples and pumpkins, baked them, and learned about their parts and life cycles. We scrubbed pumpkins and used one as a base for pounding in golf tees.   We had a wonderful field trip to Stuckey Farm. We discussed the differences between plants and animals. The children are working very hard at completing multi-step works. The whole process of the work cycle and completion of task goes much further than just the classroom. We are teaching them to be considerate of others and to think about their feelings. We hope this is something you notice at home and are able to reinforce in the day to day routine. This month, especially, we will be focusing on being thankful for all the wonderful things we have in our lives. We have homes, food, friends, families, and love.   Let us all be thankful not just for the “big” things in life, but for the “little” ones as well. We are thankful for our classroom community filled with unique and beautiful children. We are thankful to be their guides in the CH1 classroom.



November 1: Tuition Due

November 7: Picture Retakes

November 15: Grandparent Visit for Sharing (See below)

November 21: Thanksgiving Feast – Students Only

November 22-24: Thanksgiving Break, NO SCHOOL

November 29: Amanda Strong Donations Due (See Below)

December 1: Equal Exchange Orders Due (Check your child’s back pack)



November 6-   Coleman

November 13 – Coleman

November 20– NO SNACK, Thanksgiving Feast (see below)

November 27 – Lambert



November 29: Owen Brady

November 30: Adrienne Frasure


*Please let us know if you would like to celebrate your child’s Birthday in the classroom. We have a special Sun Celebration that we love to do at an agreed time. * More information can be found on this document:




November 1– Color: Yellow

November 8– Letter f

November 15– Letter g (Grandparent Visit or Bring a Picture!)*

November 29- Letter h



November 14 (need a volunteer)

November 28 Guerrero



Thank you to all the parents who donated snack, listened to readers, helped with arrivals/dismissals, and all the out of school volunteer work! Thank you to the parents who chaperoned on the field trip to Stuckey Farm! Thank you for all you have done and will do in the future! Please see the links below for more volunteer opportunities:

Take home laminating:

Library helper, Tuesday mornings:

Listen to readers:



For sharing the letter “g”, we would like to invite all grandparents to visit our classroom for sharing at 8:30 am on November 15. If they are unable to come, the students can bring pictures of their grandparents and tell us where they live. Students can show them around the classroom until we begin, sit with their grandparent during sharing, tell us their name, and then take them to the playground for a short recess. We invite all grandparents to come, and look forward to meeting your extended family members. :-)


Each year all the classrooms do an in class “dinner” to celebrate our families and reasons we are Thankful. The Thanksgiving feast will be held on Tuesday, November 21st. We will have our meal in the classroom. We are in need of parents to volunteer to bring in items prepared or to come in and cook in advance with a small group. The feast itself will be just for the students, due to space in the classroom and parking lot. Please remember it is our policy not to serve foods containing processed ingredients, sugar, or food coloring. Please watch for an email with more information for the Feast. Thank you in advance!




Each month we will be including themes to help the children learn these necessary social skills. As always we are practicing coughing and sneezing into our elbow sleeves (not our hands) and keeping fingers out of mouths and noses to reduce the spread of germs. All children are inherently good-natured and want to please. It takes the caring and consistent adults in their lives to teach the social skills necessary for life!



*As the temperature is dropping this month, please make sure that your child has all of the outdoor gear needed for recess, especially on Wednesdays, as we will continue to have time in the woods.

*If you would like for other parents to have your email for scheduling Birthday parties and play dates, please make sure that you have shared your email information on Transparent Classroom. This is a great way to connect with other MSW families. :-)



The Amanda Strong Food for the Needy, Inc. program is a not for profit effort.  This program was created in 1980 by a wonderful woman, Amanda Strong, a native of Westfield.  She started this program in her home turning her garage into a food, toy, and clothing pantry.
Amanda had a big heart and could not bear the thought of a family going hungry, or that a child would be in need of clothing and not receive presents at Christmas time.  It was her beautiful, giving heart that inspired the logo used today. Sharon Hodson began assisting Amanda Strong since 1981.

We are taking part in a charity drive for Amanda Strong this month. We will be collecting canned fruit for the needy in our immediate area. Please take time to discuss with your child and help them be a part of the giving. Thank you in advance!





“…. he who is served is limited in his independence.”

-Maria Montessori



Sarah Kalen & Stephanie Spieth