Adolescence is a time of great upheaval, physically, emotionally, and mentally.  To attempt to force young teens into pursuits of a purely intellectual nature is frustrating at best.  At MSW, utilizing the latest research and Montessori philosophy, we meet the needs of the adolescent offering an environment which allows them to transition smoothly from childhood to the fledgling young adults they are becoming.  The environment is student centered and incorporates a variety of instructional practices including seminar, multi-layered projects, individual and group work time, and an interwoven curriculum.  Students learn self-sufficiency and are given the opportunity to self-construct and develop value within adult society.  Appropriate responsibilities and expectations, both academic and social, are put into place giving them the chance to experience the joy of success and to prepare them for high school, college, and beyond.


Middle School Newsletter

November 2017


Fall is almost over and the weather is turning. We are one fourth of the way through the year. Can you believe it? Cycle 2 has begun and our studies are taking us on an exploration – to Antarctica, the American West, Africa, and space! Please see the cycle cover sheet below. We are studying The Odyssey and learning even more about figurative language! A focus will still be maintained on self-awareness and the learning of values; all of those skills that we take for granted as adults and which are very hard for adolescents to learn.


Dates to Remember

November 1:              Tuition due

November 7:              Picture Retakes

November 8:              Student-led conferences

November 21:           Thanksgiving feast

November 22-24:     No school, Thanksgiving Break

November 29:              Amanda Strong Donations Due (See Below)*

December 1:              Equal Exchange Orders Due (Forms should have come home with your child.)


Thank You So Much…

Thank you so much to Katie Svec for driving the students to the Merciful Help Center. We are so grateful to you for taking the time to support their important service work. Thank you to those of you who have donated fruit and vegetables to the classroom.


Student-Led Conferences

You should have already received an e-mail containing an information letter from the teachers and hopefully an invitation to attend from your child will arrive soon. If you have not, please let us know as soon as possible.


Thanksgiving Feast

Once again, the students will be responsible for the planning and preparation of the Middle School Thanksgiving Feast. It was with great trepidation that we handed everything over to the students (with appropriate guidance, of course!) last year. We survived however, and no one was poisoned, so now we’re ready to do it again. We shall have a couple of opportunities for volunteer help with food preparation, but a Sign-Up Genius will be sent out to you closer to the time. Thank you so much! One family member for each student is invited to attend. Please look out for an invitation from your child in November.


Field Study

We know this is a while away yet, but we would like to give you a heads up. On Friday, December 15, we shall be going on a field study to the Ball State Planetarium as part of our studies of exploration. Students will be learning about exoplanets, both in our galaxy and beyond. The field study will begin with a whole day studying exoplanets in the classroom and it will culminate with the trip to BSU. We are still in need of chaperones for this trip; so if you are interested, please let us know. It will be from approximately 9:00a.m. to 1:00p.m.


Volunteer Opportunities Summary


Date Opportunity
November 21 and or 22 Thanksgiving Feast
December 15 Chaperone BSU Planetarium field study


Amanda Strong


The Amanda Strong Food for the Needy, Inc. program is a not for profit effort.  This program was created in 1980 by a wonderful woman, Amanda Strong, a native of Westfield.  She started this program in her home turning her garage into a food, toy, and clothing pantry.
Amanda had a big heart and could not bear the thought of a family going hungry, or that a child would be in need of clothing and not receive presents at Christmas time.  It was her beautiful, giving heart that inspired the logo used today. Sharon Hodson began assisting Amanda Strong since 1981.

We are taking part in a charity drive for Amanda Strong this month.  We will be collecting

diapers (all sizes) & wipes for the needy in our immediate area. Thank you in advance!



A Few Words of Wisdom…

“No one acting from outside can cause him to concentrate.  Only he can organize his psychic life.  None of us can do it for him.  Indeed, it is just here that the importance of our schools really lies.  They are places in which the child can find the kind of work which permits him to do this.”

~ Montessori, The Absorbent Mind


“Happy laughter and family voices in the home will keep more kids off the streets at night than the strictest curfew.”

~ Unknown


“The rules for parents are but three…love, limit, and let them be.”

~ Elaine M. Ward


Erika & Beth