Mary’s Latest Message

Dear Parents,

Merry Christmas from all of us here at MSW. Bill and I have much to be thankful for, and your family is one of them!

Thank you to all who participated in the fundraiser. The amount raised, $1100, is to complete the playground. Thank you to my wonderful PTO Board, Julia Shlater, Falan Hart, Kaylynne Jones, Ana Karen Guerrero, and Amanda Heider!

Thank you for all who participated with donations to the Amanda Strong Foundation. The Foundation still came up short for Hamilton County families in need. I am thinking for Christmas 2020, MSW may do things differently. Please let me know if you have any ideas, too. Teaching your children the gift of giving to those less fortunate is beautiful and rewarding for those who give. Charity begins in the home and aligns with the Montessori philosophy. 

On Friday, December 20, the elementary and middle school students are doing a winter program. The program starts at 10 am. The students are hard at work practicing for the parents and staff.  


Love and God Bless,