Mary’s Latest Message

Mary’s Message

March 2020
Dear Parents,
Happy spring to you! Bill and I have much to be thankful for around here, and your family is one of them. Please know you are in my daily prayers, and if there is anything you need from me, don’t hesitate to reach out. 
My staff is diligently working on teaching their students online. We are in collaboration with other Montessori schools across the country, relating ideas and ways to teach Montessori online. Maria Montessori’s philosophy of teaching without materials is all new to us. We are hoping to get this down to a science to relieve some of your anxiety and give you much-needed peace. Please reach out to your lead teachers with any questions or concerns. They are more than happy to help you.
As of now, the Governor said schools return on May 1.What a happy day for all of us. While we have this opportunity of slowing down, make a game with your children on how many times a day they can be genuinely grateful for the gifts God has given us that we don’t notice because we are always busy. And, most of all, take care of yourself so that you can take care of your family.
Love and God Bless,